2-stroke rammer BS30

2-stroke rammer BS30: The vibratory rammer specially designed for compaction around pipes

The BS30 is the vibratory rammer specially designed for professional compaction around pipes in trenches. The lightweight, compact dimensions and ability to deliver full performance even when tilted make the BS30 2-stroke rammer the only choice for this kind of job. It is powered by the WM80 engine, developed by Wacker Neuson.

2-stroke rammer BS30

2-stroke engine

  • The 2-stroke engine is very sturdy and was developed specially by Wacker Neuson for the tough construction applications of vibratory rammers. The simple engine design makes maintenance easy and saves replacement part costs.
  • Even in a tilted position, the 2-stroke engine is fully functional. This way, the engine can also be started without problems if the vibratory rammer has lain on its side.
Two-stroke rammer BS50-2 in trench application

Large stroke, high impact force

  • The two-stroke rammers offer high work performance, as they have a large stroke combined with high impact energy, high ramming frequency and fast travel speed.
Wacker Neuson rammer in trench application

Fast travel speed

  • The fast travel speed allows efficient working with high surface performance.

More Features

Gasoline vibratory rammer BS30

Slim, compact design with optimum machine center of gravity

  • The compact design, with its low machine center of gravity, offers tip-safe running and facilitates maneuvering, particularly in narrow trenches.
Illustration ecology zero emission

Catalytic converter (2-stroke engine)

  • Very low CO emissions (carbon monoxide), which are significantly lower than for the 4 stroke rammer. Due to this, problem-free application in trenches.
2-stroke rammer BS30

Sturdy percussion system

  • The percussion system is equipped with damping, which makes it particularly sturdy and durable. Wear and damage to the percussion system are avoided this way.

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