Charging Box CB250

Charging Box CB250: The power bank for the construction site

The Lithium-Ion battery storage CB250 is the Power bank for the construction site. As a temporary, flexible power source, the charging box supplies the entire construction site with electricity without causing noise or exhaust emissions. Thanks to its high mobility, the energy storage can be transported flexibly to the respective job site and used there for various applications, such as charging battery-powered machines or absorbing peak loads.

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Two operating modes

  • The battery storage enables independent power supply in isolated operation.
  • In mains operation, the charging box can be operated in combination with an existing mains supply; simultaneous charging and discharging is possible. This way, unstable mains supplies can be stabilized and peak loads can be absorbed.
Charging Box CB250

Different sockets

  • The battery storage has all common connection types. Thus, the charging box can be charged flexibly and a wide variety of consumers can be connected.
Battery driven machines start by the push of a button

Simple start process

  • The energy storage can be started easily and reliably thanks to the intuitive start process.

More Features

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No exhaust emissions

  • The operator is not exposed to any exhaust emissions. Therefore, the machine can be used without restrictions in trenches, tunnels and interior spaces. For the operator, work becomes more pleasant and healthy than with fuel-operated machines.
  • Because the machines are emission-free, new applications open up in areas with special requirements for environmental friendliness.

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