Track Dumper DT08

Track Dumper DT08: The rental center professional

With its 800 kg payload and only 79 cm machine width, the DT08 is the perfect fit for rental fleets. The low-maintenance and intuitive-to-operate hydrostatic drive system allows simple operation, even for inexperienced operators. At the same time, it is gentle on the subbase due to its wide tracks and the perfectly balanced center of gravity with low ground pressure. The sturdy travel gear design ensures durability and low wear.

Track Dumper DT08

Hydrostatic drive

  • Simply start and off you go: Because of the hydrostatic drive system, no frequent gear changing is needed and the operator can focus on the task.
  • The hydraulic drive system and the working hydraulics can be operated independently of each other.
DT08 drives through a very narrow passage

Small dimensions

  • The compact dimensions of the machine make it ideal for maneuvering and working in confined spaces.
  • This gives better possibilities to maneuver the machine in narrow applications.
  • The machine can be operated without restrictions even in narrow places.
Track Dumper DT08

Diesel or gasoline engine

  • Diesel or gasoline engines are available depending on the specifications or requirements.

More Features

DT08 leads through a doorway

Track width

  • Due to the wide tracks, the machine produces very low ground pressure, which reduces ground disturbance during repair work.
  • This also leads to a more comfortable and smoother driving experience and protects the machine and operator.
DT08 studio photo with self-loading facility

Lockable hood

  • The lockable hood provides a high level of security and prevents unauthorized access.
DT08 studio photo with self-loading facility

Self-loading device

  • Stand-alone loading without the need for another machine ensures high efficiency on any job site, saving money and time.
  • Fast and intuitive operation enables use without time-consuming training for changing operators.
Track Dumper DT08

Easy service and maintenance access

  • The easily accessible service and maintenance access points make daily checks, as well as regular maintenance and servicing, simple and time-saving.
  • Placed at an optimal height and without much effort, you can quickly reach all service and maintenance points to complete daily routine tasks without spending much time.

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