PS series (400 V)

PS series (400 V, 3~) submersible trash-water pumps

PS series (400 V, 3~) submersible trash-water pumps: powerful and reliable for construction site dewatering

The robust PS series three-phase submersible pumps can handle wastewater containing solids up to a diameter of 20 mm. They feature a high flow rates and high heads, making them ideal for applications where it is important to dry out construction sites quickly and reliably. These high-quality pumps are extremely durable and easy to use. The PS series are also offered in lightweight aluminum models and automatic versions.

Submersible Trash Water Pump

Model variations

  • Models with hose connection (Storz coupling) in 2, 3, and 4 inch sizes.
  • Models with and without automatic operation (integrated level control) as well as models with external float switch.
  • Models optimized for high flow rates or high heads.
Submersible Trash Pump

Optional motor protection plug for three-phase pumps

  • Overload cut-off to protect the motor.
  • Convenient on/off switch.
  • Easy to change the direction of impeller rotation to clear blockages caused by solids. Warning light indicates reverse rotational direction to prevent impeller wear.
Submersible Trash Pump

Reliable protection against water creepage

  • The cable routing is vulcanized or potted with synthetic resin. This protects the engine compartment from penetration of water even if the cable is damaged.
PS series (400 V, 3~) submersible trash-water pumps

Perfect sealing of the engine compartment by double, internally placed mechanical seal made of silicon carbide in the oil bath

  • The shaft is sealed twice with mechanical seals towards the engine compartment. The seals are made up of extremely heat-resistant silicon carbide and are permanently in the oil bath. Due to this, they achieve a long service life.
Illustration Wacker Neuson running time unlimited

Oil lifter for reliable lubrication in any situation

  • The oil lifter lubricates and cools the shaft as well as the mechanical seals efficiently, even if the pump lies on the side. This makes the pump extremely reliable.

More Features

Illustration economic efficiency zero emission

Safe to run dry

  • Features like the double mechanical seal, the oil lifter and the thermal protection sensor make our submersible pumps reliably safe to run dry. Even long periods of intermittent operation cannot affect them.

Steel sleeve reduces wear of the shaft

  • To protect the shaft from wear from abrasive substances in the dirty water, it is covered with a steel sleeve, which can be easily replaced if required.
PS series (400 V, 3~) submersible trash-water pumps

Thermal sensor protects the engine and seals

  • A thermal sensor prevents overheating of the pump and protects it from damage caused by excessive high-input current, such as from the impeller being blocked by very large particulate matter.
PS series (400 V, 3~) submersible trash-water pumps

Heavy-duty materials

  • The pump housing is made of cast iron and the impeller is made of cast iron and polyurethane. These heavy-duty components are extremely durable against wear from the gravelly-sandy dirty water.
Submersible Trash Pump

Cable with strain relief

  • The strain relief protects the cable routing from damage and from penetration of water.
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Easy maintenance

  • Electrical submersible pumps by Wacker Neuson are extremely durable and safe to run dry. Additionally, regular maintenance supports long service life of the pumps. All maintenance points are easy to access and can be completed with a few steps.
  • Oil drain screw accessible from outside
  • Seals and shaft sleeve can be reached by removing just four screws

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