Wheel Loader WL32

Wheel Loader WL32: Versatile and powerful tool carrier

The WL32 wheel loader is the ideal partner when it comes to handling a wide range of different work tasks. It is well suited to transport material, green area maintenance with a mulcher and mower and especially snow removal services. Because of its compact dimensions, particularly the narrow width of the machine, it can be used with snowplow on sidewalks. With up to 100 l/min hydraulic output, it can efficiently operate demanding attachments such as a snow blower.

Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL20-WL70, Powder coating

High-quality powder coating

  • Compared to conventional wet painting, powder coating significantly extends the service life of the machine and is environmentally friendly at the same time.
  • The durable powder coating guarantees value retention and ensures an accordingly high resale value for the machine.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL20-WL110, Rear hydraulics rear

Rear hydraulic connections

  • The machine can be equipped with rear hydraulic connections (single or double-acting). This increases the machine's range of applications because rear hydraulic attachments or tipper trailers can also be operated.
  • The various rear hydraulic options expand the machine's range of applications and offer more flexibility in use. One machine can be used multifunctionally for different activities, no additional vehicles or machines are needed.

More Features

Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL20-WL110, Changing attachments

Efficient change of attachments

  • Thanks to the hydraulic quickhitch system, attachments can be readily exchanged. In this way, your machine is immediately ready for use again. This increases productivity and profitability.
  • The hydraulic quick-change system for attachments is standard on all Wacker Neuson wheel loaders.
  • The good view of the coupling points makes changing attachments very easy. Also, changing over is particularly safe with 2-hand operation when decoupling.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL34, WL44, WL54, Joystick

Ergonomic Joystick

  • The joystick fits securely and comfortably in one hand. The control is direct and sensitive at the same time. The operator therefore always has complete control over the machine and its most important functions.
  • In addition to standard functions such as direction selection and speed setting, many other functions such as the differential lock, the 3rd and 4th control circuits, high-flow, and all electric functions can be operated via the joystick. This results in convenient one-handed operation of attachments, and the operator always has the most important functions under control. This increases efficiency and ensures fatigue-free work, even over longer periods.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL28-WL110, Hand throttle

Manual throttle

  • The hand throttle allows manual regulation of a constant engine speed for optimum operation of an attachment. The setting is done conveniently and precisely via a corresponding control lever.
  • The hand throttle allows comfortable and fatigue-free work with the same attachment even over a longer period of time.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL20-WL110, Driver's stand

Selectable operator's cab

  • Depending on the machine, different operator's cabs are available: fixed operator's canopy, fold-down operator's canopy EPS, hydraulically lowerable EPS Plus and different cab versions. Selecting the right operator's cab allows maximum flexibility for a great variety of applications and framework conditions.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL20, WL28, WL38-WL110, High Flow

High-flow, high-performance hydraulics:

  • The machine can be optionally equipped with high-flow, high-performance hydraulics. This enables the operation of front attachments that have a high oil requirement (such as a snow blower). This increases the machine's range of applications, as even compact machines can be used to operate sophisticated attachments.
  • The High Flow high-performance hydraulics increase the range of applications of the machine, since even compact machines can be used to operate sophisticated attachments that require a lot of oil.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL28, Tiltable cabin

Tiltable cabin and optimal service access

  • The cab can be tilted to the side. This allows easy access to the engine, hydraulic system, and electronics. This considerably simplifies checking and maintaining the machine. This in turn results in reduced machine downtimes and thus lower operating costs.
  • Quick and easy serviceability automatically maximize the availability of the machine. This in turn reduces total operating costs.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL20, WL25-WL110, Brake inch pedal

Inch brake pedal: Engine output where it is needed.

  • 1. No pressure on inch brake pedal: full power for the drive system 2. Slightly depressed inch-brake pedal: speed is reduced, more power to the work hydraulics. 3. Firmly depressed brake-inch pedal: The speed is reduced further, even more power to the work hydraulics. 4. Fully depressed inch-brake pedal: the wheel loader stands still, full power to the work hydraulics.
  • The advantages of the inch-brake pedal are obvious: less wear on the operating brake and optimum power distribution of the engine output.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL20-WL110, dimensions, maneuverability

Compact dimensions for optimal maneuverability

  • The compact design of the machine is impressive with its small radius and excellent maneuverability. This means that even work in confined spaces is no problem.
  • Compact dimensions and optimum maneuverability ensure a high degree of control. The machine is not unnecessarily wide or long; the space available and the size of the machine are always optimally utilized.

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