Excavators with Vertical Digging System: small detail, big results.

Wacker Neuson’s unique Vertical Digging System (VDS) has proven its value in improving productivity and efficiency when excavating and backfilling. VDS solves the problem of efficiently and comfortably digging on sloped terrain, straddling concrete curbs and digging in narrow areas. With a press of a button, the excavator takes a vertical position that allows more precise work. You’ll gain productivity on uneven terrain, as you’ll be saving up to 25% on time and material. Experience the unique benefits of VDS. Only from Wacker Neuson.

A small detail, big results!

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A small detail.

Compact excavators in particular often move on uneven terrain. They work on slopes or curbs. That's exactly when the entire excavator inevitably tilts to one side. A sloping thing.


With big results!

Our Vertical Digging System straightens your excavator. With just one push of a button, the superstructure of our excavators with VDS straightens up. This gives you back your usual visibility, allows you to sit up straight and work much more efficiently.