IRFU Series

High-frequency internal vibrators IRFU

High-frequency internal vibrators IRFU: Top Performance from every model

The IRFU high-frequency internal vibrator series are easy to use. They simply connect to the single-phase power supply and are ready to use. They offer reliable operation even when used with fluctuating generator input voltages. The Wacker Neuson IRFU high-performance internal vibrator is designed for long life and professional concrete consolidation results. It is available in many different versions. The integrated personal protection switch (Bodyguard™) offers a high standard of safety.

Bodyguard für internal vibrators studio image from front


  • The Bodyguard offers safer operation even at voltages above the protective low voltage range. Therefore, the IRFU can also be operated using power sources that are not secured against fault current. This reduces the risk potential on the construction site.
  • The Bodyguard continually monitors the flow of current. In the event of a fault current, the power supply is interrupted within 3 milliseconds. This provides protection to the operator and the machine.
The vibratory head of the IRFU high frequency internal vibrator ist completely hardened.

Completely tempered vibrator head

  • The vibrator head is fully tempered. This makes the head particularly sturdy and prevents quick wear.
High-frequency internal vibrators IRFU

Thermal overload protection breaker

  • The IR series is equipped with a thermal protection switch. If the internal vibrator runs too long outside the concrete, it automatically switches off to prevent the motor from overheating. This increases the service life of the machine.
Illustration Wacker Neuson RPM-stable motors

High-performance electric motor with stable speeds

  • With the consistently high rpm, this high-frequency internal vibrator delivers reliable concrete consolidation performance and efficient, high-quality results.
  • The motors were developed by Wacker Neuson and are wound and produced by in-house manufacturing in Germany. This ensures consistently high engine output and quality.
Illustration Wacker Neuson converter

Switch box with integrated frequency converter

  • The integrated frequency converter means no additional machine is necessary. The compact unit is easy for the operator to transport around the construction site.

More Features


Wide variety of versions

  • The large selection of different vibrator head sizes and protection hose lengths can be chosen to fit the best equipment for the application. Therefore, the right machine can be found for any job, even in extreme conditions.
Vibrator head with cylindrical roller bearings for internal virbator IRFU studio image

Vibrator head with cylindrical roller bearing

  • The heavy-duty cylindrical roller bearing is durable, especially when used under tough job site conditions.
High-frequency internal vibrators IRFU

Made in Germany

  • High quality standard, high performance and long service life are guaranteed, as the machine is developed and produced in Germany.

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