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DPU130r Technical specifications

Operating data 

Operating weight  1,185 kg
Centrifugal force  130 kN
Base plate width  1,200 mm
Base plate length  1,186 mm
Base plate thickness  14 mm
Height  988 mm
Operating width  1,200 mm
Frequency  58 Hz
Advance travel max. (depending on soil and environmental factors) 31 m/min
Surface capacity max. (depending on soil and environmental factors) 2,232 m²/h
Transport height  1,157 mm
Transport length  1,328 mm
Transport width  1,260 mm

Engine / Motor 

Engine / Motor type  Water-cooled 4-cylinder aspirated diesel engine
Engine / Motor manufacturer  Kohler
Engine / Motor  LDW 1404
Displacement  1,372 cm³
Engine performance max. (DIN ISO 3046) 24.5 kW
at rpm  3,600 rpm
Operating performance max. (DIN ISO 3046) 16 kW
at rpm  2,700 rpm
Fuel consumption  4 l/h
Tank capacity (fuel) 18 l
Power transmission  Hydrostatic, electronically controlled, dual-circuit system.

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